Quotation for furniture items


Vidyalaya may purchase following item in 2014-2015 as per following specifications desired firm may please quote rates and terms & condition to supply them in sealed envelope by post latest by 08.10.2014

1: Desk and Chair for Senior Classes:-

Dual desk & chair combined size top 42”×16”×30” and seat size 42”×12”×18” and back support 42”*06” with angle iron frame 25×25×3mm nut bolt fitting 19 mm commercial board & 0.8mm sun mica ISI, black printed frame

2: Desk and Chair for Primary Class:-

Dual desk & Chair combined size 36”×12”×28” and seat size 36”×12”×16” and back 36”×06” with angle iron frame 25×25×3 mm nut bolt fitting 19 mm commercial board & 0.8 mm sun mica ISI, black painted frame.

3: Perforated chair without arms half and writing pad with net provision bucket with steel rod for bag round pipe 16 gauge paint powder quoted frame.

4: Display Board size 6’×3 and 6’×4’ aluminium beating with velvet cloth.

5: Multi seater 3 seat perforated steel frame nickel chrome body.

6: Multi seater 3 seat with arm perforated steel seat powder quoted frame silver colour.



Wednesday, 05 March 2014
  1. Interview for contractual teachers for the session 2014-15
  2. Admission Notice-2014
  3. Registration of Firm (More Details see Download Section under Miscellaneous)
  4. Computer Quotation for supply of 10 PCs (more detailed get on Download Section or Tender under Miscellaneous)
  5. Celebration of Republic day with Enthusiasm.
  6. Walk-in-interview for TGT (S.St.) & TGT (Maths) on 21.10.2013 at 9:00 AM at Vidyalaya premises.
  7. Autumn break from 11.10.2013 to 20.10.2013
  8. School Inspected by Shri D. K. Dwivedi, AC KVS RO Varanasi on 04.09.2013.
  9. House wise Debate competition held on Dated 17.08.2013.
  10. House wise Group Song competition held on 20.07.2013.
  11. Vidyalaya Patrika will be published in July 2013.
  12. Unit Test and FA1 held from 25th July 2013.
  13. Class XI started from 25th June 2013.
  14. School celebrated the KVS Foundation Day with full excitement.
  15. School celebrate the Annual Sports Day with enthusiasm on 15th Nov 2012.
  16. Surprise visit of the Vidyalaya by Shri D K Dwivedi on 14.02.2013. AC KVS RO Varanasi





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Students of today are the future India.

They will share and shoulder different types of responsibilities to shape the nation in glory they must enrich them with create constructive and positive views.
I appeal to all respected parents to provide stress free and congenial environment for study and for all round development.

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