Innovation and Experimentation done by teachers

S.N. Innovation and Experimentation
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Class and subject Learning objective initially envisaged Learning objective realized or not Name of Innovator / Experimenter with designation
1 Class Quiz by the students, for the students. (The teacher acted as a facilitator for the preparation of chapters and conduction.) IX & X science & technology To develop
· Confidence
· Question Making Skills
· Critical thinking
· Leadership
To improve
· Constructive Knowledge
· Participation
· Team spirit
All the objectives were almost achieved & a wonderful improvement was seen in the students. Miss Anuradha Srivastava
2 Let’s make geometry Easy and interasting.
· To make close geometrical shapes using matchstics.
· To make a degree clock by paper folding and identify different angles.(acute,obtuse,right etc…)
· To calculate area and perimeter with the help of Square grid(By Counting Grids)
· To calculate and estimate the area of a closed shape by graph paper.
· Prepare the nets of solid shapes.[ 2 dimensional cutting on paper by folding which we can get the desired solid shape.]
VI,VII and VIII To improve
· Understanding geometry
· Make geometry interesting.
· Learn by doing
All the objectives are almost realized & a different kind of enthusiasm seen among children. Miss Sandhya Devi
3 To make Lab instruction Easier,
Teacher has developed lab guides based on java programming language using netbeans IDE.
XI B To Develop
· Learning skills
· Confidence to work with new programming language.
To Improve
· Practical Knowledge
· Work in certain time limit
All the objectives are almost achieved and change is noticable among students Mrs. Maneesha Chand








Correct Pronunciation of new words – To listen the words and speak correctly repeatedly
Write correctly with the help of CD

I Hindi

To provoke to read story books, speaking & listening competencies will be developed.

Learning objective realized



By showing pictures and acting students will make sentences.

IV Hindi

To remove hesitation of speaking in the class. Reading Competencies will be developed.

Learning objective realized



Knowledge of different types of dresses. Narration of story by acting. To read and write every difficult word.

IV Hindi

Students take interest in acting and narrate stories through acting.

Learning objective realized



Different Dresses & harvesting festivals of different states.
To read and speak every difficult word.


Development of the skill of acting among the students and to narrate the story through acting.

Learning objective realized



Locate angles in the various objects they come across body parts


Collect, differentiate and construct angles

Learning objective realized



  1. (a) To improve English Hand writing used poetic way to write an alphabet like for a –“ Make half circle, go up, come down and a tail”.
  2. Love for animals & Birds by showing them CDs and pictures.
  3. To read any word correctly use of tongue and audio cassettes.
  4. Pronounce a word correct then he/she will be able to write the spelling correctly.

2 To sow a plant. Sowing of a seed and observe the plant everyday, take out the weeds.

III English




V English








V Evs

Reading and writing competency is highly missing among the students. Our motto is to create interest of English among the students.








Create interest for nature to lesser the Global warming

Learning objective realized



Shapes & Angles –
Where do we find angles in the real world?
Do they have something to do beyond math chapters.To observe the surroundings and to identify and locate angles in the various objects they come across


To observe, identify, compare, draw, measure, collect, differentiate and construct angles.

Learning objective realized