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Find Your Smart VPN

Are you looking for a good VPN application that will allow you to enjoy the high level of security and lots of benefits? There are plenty of options that you can consider, and in this review, we offer you to check out SmartVPN. Initial Information SmartVPN is a VPN service that allows you to hide your IP so that you could surf the Internet anonymously. It is developed by Anonymous S.A.R.L., a company specializing in network security and privacy protection, which is headquartered in Morocco. Today, they have more than 10,000 clients all over the world. The application will add a new network interface to your device that can be powered by a different operating system. In this case, your IP will be changed, so that no one could be able to know your actual location. All your traffic will be encrypted. Lots of people worry that using a VPN will affect the speed of the internet connection, but this is not expected to happen if you use SmartVPN. The application is compatible with different operating systems, including Windows 7/8/10, Mac OSX, iOS, and Android.  It seems to be not available on the Google Play.

How to Setup Up?

The setup up process will mainly depend on the operating system that you use. On the website of the official developer, you will find clear instructions on that. Here, we will explain to you how it is going to look like for Windows 10 if you choose PPP:

  •         Open Network Connections in Control Panel;
  •         Create a new connection under Network Tasks;
  •         Select ?Connect to the network?;
  •         Select the Virtual Private Network;
  •         Type SmartVPN in the Company Name box;
  •         Indicate one of the servers addresses;
  •         Click the ?Add a shortcut? button;
  •         Click the ?Finish? button.

When you need to use the app, you should do the following:

  •         Double-click the application icon and type your Username/Password;
  •         Click Connect.

How Much Does It Cost?

There are several pricing packages that you can choose from including the following:

  •         Basic for $3 per month;
  •         Premium for $6 per month;
  •         Dedicated for $13 per month.

While the basic package includes only Germany and the Netherlands, the dedicated one comes with 13 different countries. You can use 7-day money back guarantee if there is something that you do not like about the app. All pricing plans come with unlimited bandwidth. Main Features of the Application SmartVPN has a range of exciting features that you can benefit from, such as the following:

  •         It works with VOIP, which allows you to save money on calling;
  •         It is suitable for online gaming and streaming;
  •         There is a range of different protocols that you can choose from, including IPSec, PPTP, IKEv1, IKEv2, and OpenVPN;
  •         Their services are located all over the world.

SmartVPN seems to be a good, quality product, but we doubt that it can beat the competitors. There are VPN services that allow you to pay the same price for having a long list of countries, high speed, ability to use an application on different devices simultaneously, and more. Also, the money back guarantees look pretty short if compared to other options available on the market. Such giants as NordVPN, Express VPN, CyberGhost look better. It seems like it is a good product, but not impressive, so we hope that the company will be able to attract more interest by offering something unique. Employing anti-adware to guard your computer or smart phone is essential. Getting your data encrypted is additionally a huge part of staying safe online. So, it’s now simple to get the data like passwords, usernames, bank information, credit card number and similar data from the computer.