How to Make a Computer Virus?

Everyone knows that if you want to use your PC safely you need an anti-virus. Most of us believe that only professional hackers can create a virus, but it is not like that. In this article, we will tell you how to make a computer virus using just basic knowledge and a regular PC.

Creating the simplest viruses do not require special environments for program development and special knowledge. Creating viruses is quite simple using the command line. To do this, you need to know a little command prompt syntax and be able to create .bat files.

What is a .bat File and How to Create it?

In very simple words, these are files with the extension .bat. Such files carry commands that must be executed by Windows. All those commands that can be run in the command line window can be entered into a .bat file. The result will be the same.

To create a .bat virus, we need a regular text editor. Ideally, Notepad is suitable for these purposes. Having created and opened a new text document, you need to enter there the code (commands) that it must execute. After that, you need to use the Save As menu to save this file, giving it a name with the extension .bat and specifying the file type All Files.

Creating the Simplest Virus

Let’s create a virus that, after its launch, will endlessly open a command prompt window. Endlessly and very quickly opening command prompt windows will prevent the user from working normally. Nobody will have time to close them all and very soon they will clog the computer’s RAM, which in turn will greatly slow down the computer’s work, up to a complete freeze.

To create such a virus you can use a virus code that can be easily found on the Internet. First of all, create a folder and a virus.bat file in this folder. Using the virus code you will start infinite launching of this file, that will starts along with Windows wake up.

The Mechanism of the Virus Created

The mechanism of the virus that fits in these few steps is to create the main virus, protect it and ensure its constant operation. And what does the main virus do? After starting the main virus, it executes the command that is written into it. And this command launches our virus, which again launches itself. And so on ad infinitum.

How to Deal with Such Viruses?

Firstly, the beginning of the fight against this virus will begin after it starts. Very soon, the virus will fill up RAM with its copies. Therefore, such actions must be stopped immediately. For this, the Break button on the keyboard is perfect. Press it as much as necessary so that new copies cease to be created. On keyboards without the Break button, the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + C can help.

How to Remove Such a Virus?

You can find and remove the virus through its entry in a startup. And also you can detect a virus by command, which will be displayed in the shell window if you can get to the hidden system file.