Best Antivirus Apps for iPhones

Although it’s very unlikely your iPhone gets infected by malware, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. In case you are looking for an extra layer of protection, here’s the list of the best antivirus for iPhone. Pick according to your needs and preferences to get the best-suited solution. Let’s single out the leaders in different categories to help you choose. We’ll take a closer look at Avira, Lookout, McAfee, F-Secure SAFE, and other apps designed to enhance iPhone’s security.

The best overall choice is Lookout

While most applications bring only optimizing tools and some sort of features to stop adware, phishing sites, etc., this antivirus monitors your smartphone to block malicious activities and protect the system.

The App Monitor feature notifies users in case it detects suspicious activity and warms about important updates that need to be installed. Other features that come with the app include a safe browser, Wi-Fi inspector, etc.

The advantages of choosing this solution include detailed security checks and full-strength identity theft protection. 

The best app for phishing protection is Avira

In case you have some serious concerns about the possibilities to come across phishing sites, Avira is the best app for you. The Mobile security suite brings great web protection and blocks different malware and viruses. Using Avira URL Cloud, the app manages to block suspicious sites that try to steam users’ personal information.

Aside from that, the app brings other useful features like a call blocker, anti-theft tools, a contact backup feature, etc. Safeguard is also a part of the bundle as it monitors security breaches and leaks.

The advantages of choosing this app include alerts for hacked accounts, the best tools that block phishing sites. What’s more, the app is free.

The best app for anti-theft tools is McAfee

An impressive bundle of features aimed to prevent iPhone theft. The app tracks the device’s location on the map and turns on a sound alarm even if it’s on mute. McAfee lets users activate the alarm using the Apple Watch, too.

The suite brings extra features like CaptureCam that takes pictures of people who try to access your iPhone without authorization. What’s more, every user gets encrypted storage space, a remote backup feature, and the possibility to wipe the phone clean remotely.

The advantages of using the app include easy-to-use media protection and comprehensive anti-theft tools.

The best app for parental control is F-Secure SAFE

If you have children and want them to stay safe online, F-Secure SAFE is the best possible solution. The web filters were developed to shield the device from online attacks. This app also has banking protection which comes in handy if children use the device with access to such data. Finally, there are several anti-theft features to help you recover the stolen (or lost) iPhone.

Parental control features let users filter the content and block unwanted sites. It also allows setting up time limits and some other restrictions. However, this is only possible after you manually disable Safari.

The advantages of using this app include blocking access to harmful or unwanted sites and simple parental control settings.

Bottom line

Depending on why you need to enhance iPhone security, you may now pick a suitable solution and be confident in the quality of services. These are the apps that truly bring the best features and protection.